CB Beauty Certificate Courses


The Microblading 3 full day course is designed to thoroughly examine the theory behind the hair stroke pattern, colour within the skin and proper sanitation, contraindications, appropriate blade size, and the business aspect related to the industry including suppliers, insurance and marketing. This program also includes a fully stocked kit, with all dispoable products required to complete 50 applications and using top quality cream based pigments. 

Course Length: (3 days)

Practical: 2 Models 

Course Fee: $1999 (Includes $500 kit) 

Deposit Required: $500 



The Lash Lift & Lash Tint course is an in-depth one day training course that will give the students both theory and practical knowledge in relation to performing Lash Lift & Lash Tint procedures with complete confidence. Examining appropriate curl and setting time for each client's individual lashes as well as contraindications and workplace set up are highlights of this course. Kit included. 

Course Length: (4 hours)

Practical: 1 Model 

Course Fee: $499 (Includes $150 kit) 

Deposit Required: $150 



Eyelash extensions are a semi-permanent method of applying an extension to each individual eyelash, adding length, thickness, and fullness to the natural lashes. This course examines the theory of the eye, proper and safe isolation and approrpaite lash length and size, in addition to the fill process, safe removals, and marketing your lash business. Kit included. 

Course Length: (8 hours)

Practical: 1 Model 

Course Fee: $699 (Includes $200 kit) 

Deposit Required: $200 



Volume lashes are considered the Cadillac of lash extensions. Also referred to as Russian Volume or 3D lases. This course examines basic theory of the volume fan, with majority of the time spent on creating perfect fan. Practical will be completed. This course is taught by Master Lash Technician & Educator, The Lash Maven. Kit included. 

Course Length: (8 hours)

Practical: 1 Model 

Course Fee: $999 (Includes $200 kit) 

Deposit Required: $200 


Please email for upcoming course dates, or for our full program course details. 

Students are asked to bring their models, or with notice, CB Beauty can help provide the models